Here we will concentrate on the peculiar way of advertising on the Internet rather than on the benefits of having a Web page. But first, what is advertising? What do advertising agencies do? To begin with, we might say there are two kinds of traditional advertising: on the one hand, that which focuses on and glories in the product or service advertised, making it look great and desirable; on the other hand, that which tries to move the recipient by means of a striking plot, leaving the product or service in the background.


Let us illustrate this for you. The former is quite common for cleaning products. Such advertising often puts emphasis on how extraordinarily clean your house or clothes will be if you just buy and use the stated product. The latter can be fully appreciated in a recent TV commercial by Johnny Walter. This commercial is about a robot that will live forever, but cannot feel. So, unless it falls into disrepair, the robot will be eternal; however, a mortal human being only needs one single splendid deed to win eternity. So far, a wonderful plot and script, in addition to very good acting and filming. Mixed together, all these things not only move spectators, but also predispose them to see something really splendid. In fact, Johnny Walter is not even mentioned until the very end of the commercial, when its logo appears. Neither is any other thing that could be associated with a whisky. Therefore, we may as well affirm that this commercial might have produced the same (good) effect if applied to any other kind of product.

Yet you might be wondering why we are elaborating on this. Well, we are doing it to prove that traditional advertising’s only goal is to persuade the recipients no matter how, as it is advertising that attracts a large sale. However, things are different on the Internet. Except for banners, which are certainly costly, Web advertising consists of just a little image, or even a text without an image, indicating that a certain Web page provides certain information. Just that; there is no persuasion at all. Web advertising being so rough and simple, what is the point in advertising on the Internet, then? It is easy to explain: Web advertisements appear in related websites. For example, a carpet company advertises in the website of some carpet-cleaner, and vice versa. Thus, a dull advertisement becomes much more interesting. However, this is not the most important aspect of Web advertising, since what really counts is that, by clicking on this advertisement, people can go straight to the website of the company that has placed it there. In short, unlike traditional advertising, Web advertising just takes the user to a company’s website. From then on, it is the website that should be convincing enough, so as to persuade him to buy the product(s) or hire the service(s) that the company offers. That is why you should have a website that is as good as possible.