SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizer. Search engines are Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, for instance. This relatively new activity –search engine positioning– has become indispensable for a company’s investment in a website to be beneficial. It is like “fertilizing your field and seeds.”

Search engine positioning consists in making your website respond to certain words favorably. Of course, these words should be related to your website or else they will not serve your purpose. For example, if yours is a refrigerator company, then the SEO can position your website so that it responds favorably to words such as refrigerator, freezer, icebox, fridge, etc. To be well-positioned on the Web means to be within the first twenty results in a specific field. However, there are certain words that are more accurate than others –notice the difference between the word “logo”, used by a large number of companies, and the word “epinephrine”. So competitors also play an important role here.

Therefore, good positioning of your corporate website is very important. A search engine is like a map without which the users are lost in the middle of the ocean; a website that is badly positioned on the Web, then, is equally lost. In fact, a large percentage –90 % approx.– of the new visitors to a website are the result of (good) search engine positioning. This clearly proves that search engines are vital to websites.

Now then, you might think that you do not need a search engine because people will find your company’s website one way or another, no matter how long they take to find it. You might even think that Internet users often look for several price options before making a purchase. All absolutely false: if your website is not at least within the first four pages of results, i.e. the first forty websites, it is completely useless, as no-one will ever reach it. Yet –in very competitive fields– to be between the twenty and the forty place is not bad at all.


What a SEO does is to redesign and reprogram your website in order that the search engines can read it easily. But a SEO also launches your website on the Internet and makes all that is necessary for it to be in top positions. Do not be alarmed by the fact that your Web page will be “redesigned and reprogrammed”: the changes will be barely perceptible. But do be patient, as positioning work is rather slow –a good SEO campaign can last from six months (in less competitive fields) to two or more years (in more competitive fields).