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This website American Web design service is aimed at all those people who wish to know more about the hiring of Web design services. Our goal is to explain how to make the most of it to both real and potential clients. We are here to fill a gap in the Web, which is lacking in information about Web design for clients, i.e. there are many technical websites aimed at Web designers, but very few aimed at their clients. So without focusing on technical matters –unless it is absolutely necessary– we will try to help you figure out how to improve your corporate website. That is to say you should not expect us to show you how to make a linking button, or how to make animation by using Flash technology. Instead, we will provide you with arguments as well as theoretic and practical methods that will allow you to think of some useful ideas so that you are not restricted to what the designer suggests, or to chance.

Of course, there is no doubt that the work of the designer is irreplaceable, and his opinion invaluable. Always listen to the designer; no matter how much you have read on the Internet, he knows best. If you build up a strong relationship with him where arrogance is absent, and both pull together as a team, then success will be guaranteed. We will just limit ourselves to giving some advice on what models to follow, as well as information that will help you get along well with the designer and waste less time –there is no point in being explained things that you may as well learn for yourself. The latter is convenient for you (designers are paid by the hour) but also for him.

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In each of our sections you will find information about different aspects of Web design. First of all, we define the concept of Web Design, together with its distinctive, basic characteristics. Then, we pass on to exhaustive treatment of the very essence of Web design: The Website, with its characteristics and functions, and its many possibilities. In Web Advertising we focus on the advertising of your website on the Internet, either in your own website or in others. In The Corporate Identity we deal with the necessary connection between this and the website (i.e. how the latter should be treated in order that it corresponds to the former). In SEO we pay attention to the positioning of your website on the most well-known search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. In Programmers we go into the whole HTML language thing –essential for the process of creating a website–. Last but not least, we tell you how to avoid very common mistakes and achieve your aims in virtue of a friendly and therefore efficient relation between You and the Designer.

Having introduced ourselves and set our goals, we officially bid you welcome to our integral website about Web design. We are thankful that you have chosen us, and it would be our pleasure if you go ahead.